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Sponsorship Opportunity

Participating as a Sponsor is an excellent opportunity for your company to receive maximum marketing exposure in addition to gathering knowledge and networking with key government officials and industry peers. The Sponsorship is specifically designed to help your company to increase customer mind-share and market share by creating awareness, enhancing brand values, providing competitive differentiation and increase customer loyalty.

  1. Premium branding position on all CCAM advertisement and promotion media campaign.
  2. Premium branding position on all CCAM website homepage and events page.
  3. Premium branding position on all CCAM promotional flyers.
  4. Premium branding position on all CCAM Email
  5. Premium branding position on all CCAM newsletters.
  6. Speaking slot during CCAM EXPO
  7. Key endorsement on all CCAM public relation programmes.

As the CCAM is a non-profit organization aimed at developing and edifying the domestic CRM & Contact Centre Industry in Malaysia, your contributions will also go a long way in seeing our business grow, be promoted as the choice industry and regarded among the best in the world.

Sponsorship Package

Contact Centre Association of Malaysia (CCAM)

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