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Greetings from CCAM and COPC Inc.,


We are pleased to share with you COPC Inc.’s latest article on Service Journeys which has recently been published in

Have a read of the article to understand how shortening the Service Journey can improve the Net Promoter Score.

COPC Inc. also has an exciting new training course called Service Journey Thinking which will be delivered live on-line at the end of September. This course will teach you how to design Service Journeys focused on the moments of truth when customers interact with an organization and how to ensure these moments of truth drive the best possible outcomes for the customer.


Design your CX Omnichannel strategy with service
journey thinking approach by COPC Inc.

COPC® Service Journey Thinking
Delivered Live Online
 September 30 to October 01, 2020

This practical approach takes a customer-centric view to improving journeys across multiple interactions and channels. This training gives you the insights to link each touch-point to key areas of your organisation – such as your people, technology, and procedures – and measure how effectively they support your customers’ journey.

Applying this approach in your organisation provides you with the insights you need to make strategic decisions to elevate your customer experience, reduce customer effort, improve satisfaction, and ultimately, generate advocates for your brand.

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Contact Centre Association of Malaysia (CCAM)

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