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Greetings from CCAM and TackTMI,

The current Covid-19 situation has created an environment of uncertainty, troubling news and concern, arising from health risks, economic pressure and rapidly altering social and lifestyle conditions.  

People, more than ever, need practical ways to stay calm, amid the many pressures in their lives. This is especially true for those of us in the services industry. 

On April 30th (11:30-12:30), CCAM and TackTMI will host a special webinar focusing on coping with COVID-19 stressors. 

Drawing from a knowledge base which includes Mindfulness, emotional intelligence and stress management training, our panel of expert practitioners will share with you tips on how to remain calm, despite pressures which may be present in your professional and private life. In fact, by inviting calm into our lives, we can strive toward a more satisfying personal lifestyle,  clearer decision making.

This webinar event is OPEN FOR ALL and is completely FREE OF CHARGE!

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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