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CX strategies, Innovation and the Globalization impact have reshaped the Contact Centres in Malaysia. Additionally, AI & Bots are completely reimagining the realities of service delivery.

These changes have elevated the contact centres into greater importance within the business strategies. Well run contact centres are creating value for digitalization, customer experience and revenue generation which in return contributes well into the company’s bottom-line as well as the brand positioning.

The Contact Centre Association of Malaysia (CCAM) membership & coverage reaches both registered businesses in Malaysia as well as many more friends & solution providers from the region. With a booming BPO/SSO space and very progressive captive centres, the overall industry is at the peak when it’s comes to best practices, standards and transformation initiatives.

The 10th National Contact Centre Conference (NCCC) by CCAM returns to discuss both the realities and the possibilities within the industry. As the Chairperson of NCCC 2020, I invite on great case studies, thought-leadership and sponsorship partners to make this up-coming NCCC a success.

The NCCC2020 is scheduled for 2nd July 2020 – let’s talk about the possibilities now.

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Contact Centre Association of Malaysia (CCAM)

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