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New industry wide developments call for action oriented efforts by the CCAM to bring more value and substance to the industry and to its members at large. Value needs to be added from the on-set by filling in the voids which the industry is currently experiencing, especially in the areas of statistics, information, public training, certification and global dialogue to attract more FDI into Malaysia.

Our Objectives

The CCAM will act as a physical gateway for the CRM and Contact Centre Industry of Malaysia, in globally promoting Malaysia as the preferred hub for the contact centre industry, in this region.

The CCAM will thoroughly promote the development and implementation of sound policies and professional standards in Malaysia that will support members in the planning, management and growth of the CRM and Contact Centre Industry.

The CCAM will assist members in enhancing managerial skills and maximizing opportunities that are emerging in the contact centre marketplace by the provision of appropriate skill through training modules, education, seminars, workshops and access to current information concerning regulation, HR, technology, provisions and other relevant issues.

The CCAM will function as a complete physical resource centre and think-tank for the industry, in the advancement of research and development and to press forward the professional initiatives of the CRM and Contact Centre Industry of Malaysia, to the world.

The CCAM will represent the CRM industry and all its Constituents in Malaysia, not only as promoters of knowledge and information, but as an action-oriented association aimed at advocating the interests of customer relationship management professionals and its Institutions in Malaysia.

Contact Centre Association of Malaysia (CCAM)

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