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To support the pledges made in the objectives and in order to be a pro-active and relevant body to the Industry, the CCAM shall undertake to consciously promote these faculties of interest amongst its membership:

Professional Standard

  • Accreditation of corporations in the industry
  • Certification of professionals in the industry
  • CCAM Best Practice Public Programs
  • CCAM Excellence Awards
  • Regional Best Practice Awards
  • Industry forums with relevant government authorities/bodies.
  • Government consultation on critical issues.
  • Policy Making influence
  • Influencing law makers
  • Driving the governments objectives for the CRM and Contact Centre industry as a whole.

Career Development

  • Certified Training for career advancement
  • CCAM Supported Public Courses
  • CCAM Annual MBA Scholarship award
  • CCAM Career Hub
  • Online recruitment and job-placement for the industry
  • Web classifieds for members.
  • CCAM In-house library & Information pad

Events & products

  • Monthly Industry Journal
  • Professional World Class Seminars
  • Industry Directory and Guide
  • National Industry Conference & Exhibition
  • Annual Industry Awards & Gala Night
  • Quarterly White Paper Presentations
  • Research & Survey Findings
  • Statistical Updates

Contact Centre Association of Malaysia (CCAM)

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