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Byron is the president of the CRM & Contact Centre Association of Malaysia (CCAM, formerly known as ACE). He has 15 years of BPO experience, particularly in customer contact strategy encompassing from designing customer access strategies, inbound and outbound customer contact, outbound outreach and all supporting functions of a high performing contact centre. He is currently Country Director of Teledirect Malaysia, and his expertise in verticals such as telecommunications, banking, insurance, FMCGs, technology and government contact centres make him ideally suited to the responsibility of leading an over 500 man provider of premier customer contact services.

Byron is a CIAC Certified Strategic Leader and a member of the IAOP. He was also one of very few individuals in the country to be presented with The Career Achievement Award by the CCAM, the highest award an individual in the industry can receive in Malaysia.

Contact Centre Association of Malaysia (CCAM)

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